The Jewish Women's League of Pittsburgh Mikvah

Online Account Page

This page will allow you to setup or locate an account for the online reservation system.
A personal account will allow you to make, cancel, replace, and check appointments via the online system.

No private information is being stored at any point.
We require a valid North American cell number that can receive text messages in order to authenticate the account.

Please enter your phone number and click on the create account button.
You will receive a text message containing your account number.

You will need the account number and the last 3 digits of the cell phone used
to create the account in order to login to the system to make an appointment.

Enter Your 10 Digit Phone Number (AAA-BBB-CCCC):
Please enter the following text:

If you do not have a cell phone with text messaging, please make an appointment via the app
Accounts are meant to be personal, although we don't store any private information, each account can only make a single appointment in a given timespan.