Welcome to the Montreal Mikvah Reservation System

You can use this webpage to make/cancel/check an appointment.
An appointment can be made from 4 days in advance until 3pm of the day of your immersion.

Appointments can be made either through this online form or via the phone at 514-447-3372.

For all Kallah Appointments, please call 514-487-5581 and leave a message so someone can call you back.

No walk-ins allowed whatsoever.
To ensure a smooth and safe operation during the lockdown and curfew period,
we ask all women to RESPECT their allotted APPOINTMENT TIMES.
It is of EXTREME importance!
I can always be reached if needed
Chani 514 806 2426

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There is no charge to set up an account.
An account is necessary to use the online reservation system.
At no point do we keep or track your real name and other private information.

Use of the mikvah is $25

To submit payment for a Mikvah Visit click here